Sheshan calls on a vote for its slogan and brand philosophy

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Updated: 2015-01-21

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The Sheshan National Tourist Resort, in Songjiang district of Shanghai, is collecting public ideas for its slogan and brand philosophy, Jan 15-Feb 28. Its aim is to become a well-known brand for demonstration areas in eco-tourism.

Brand philosophy

It helps a resort build its brand loyalty and winning the trust of tourists. It highlights a resort's special characteristics.

Candidate selections:

A. Get close to nature, leisure vacation destination

B. Origin of culture, holiday resort

C. Cultural industry, quality defines brand

D. Ecology, leisure


It helps a resort voice its intention of creating fresh and unforgettable life experiences for tourists.

Candidate selections:

A. Green lung, holiday resort

B. Oxygen bar, holiday resort

C. Sea sheshan, sunshine holiday

D. Oxygen bar, leisure holiday

E. Eco sheshan

Send your best selection of brand philosophy and slogan to You are welcome to email us if you have any other better selections and ideas.

Sheshan National Tourist Resort is a national-level resort and has Shanghai's unique mountain and forest in natural formation. It is home to numerous scenic spots and hotels, such as Shanghai Happy Valley, Sheshan Forest Park, Shanghai Yuehu Sculpture Park and Chenshan Botanical Garden

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