Sheshan Notre Dame Cathedral

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Updated: 2015-01-05

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Sheshan Notre Dame Cathedral

Sheshan Notre Dame Cathedral is the highest church in Shanghai. [Photo by Gao Erqing/Shanghai Star]

The cathedral stands at the top of Sheshan Mountain in Shanghai's southwest Songjiang district. It was first built in the 1870s by French missionaries and has had several facelifts. The existing cathedral was built between 1925 and 1935.

The cathedral, in European baroque style, can hold 4,000 people. The main sacrificial altar in the main hall is made from marble, and it has stained glass windows. On top of the bell tower stands an 8-meter-high bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, representing the kindness of welcoming pilgrims.

From the foot of Sheshan Mountain to the top there are 147 pavilions, each with an engraving depicting the crucifixion of Jesus.

Tel: 021-5765-1521

Address: inside Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park, 9142 Waiqingsong Highway, Songjiang district

Christmas mass: 8:00 pm on Dec 24, 8:30 am on Dec 25

By Zhou Wenting ( Shanghai Star )

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