Shanghai Happy Valley carries out emergency drill

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Updated: 2014-06-10

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Happy Valley recently carried out a large-scale emergency drill, under the supervision of Songjiang Quality Supervision Bureau, to ensure that staff can quickly respond to emergency situations at the peak time in summer.

The emergency drill was set at one of Happy Valley's most popular attractions – its roller coaster,which slowly climbed about 45 meters and suddenly stopped running after an artificially simulated failure.

Seven maintenance staff rushed to the scene. Three of them climbed up to the stopped vehicle and the remaining people waited at the side of the staircase at different set distances. The rescue staff quickly opened the shoulder locks manually for 10 staff, who pretended to be visitors and brought them to the staircase and passed them on to other staff. The entire rescue process took about 17 minutes.

The maintenance staff carry out routine checks and emergency drills for all park facilities, including daily checks before opening, half-day-long weekly checks and one-day-long monthly checks to ensure the good running of all the facilities. For the roller coaster and other large recreational facilities, it's compulsory to arrange at least two emergency drills every year

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