Public bicycles popular in Sheshan National Holiday Resort

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Updated: 2013-09-29

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Sheshan National Holiday Resort is a pioneer among scenic spots in Shanghai for its public bicycle rentals. On September 22, national Car-Free Day, 1,500 bicycles were rented, according to statistics.

On that day, green public bicycles were everywhere, including many other scenic areas such as Shanghai Happy Valley and Chenshan Botanical Garden. Though Car-Free Day was actually a work day, even more people leased bicycles than during Mid-Autumn Festival, when approximately 1,200 bicycles were leased.

The most popular route for public bicycle use was between Sheshan and East Sheshan. Measuring less than three kilometers, a bicycle ride is the best way to appreciate the route's scenery.

Public bicycles popular in Sheshan National Holiday Resort

Visitors enjoy the ride on September 22, national Car-Free Day in Sheshan National Holiday Resort.

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