Chenshan Botanical Garden launches orchard plan

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Updated: 2013-07-04

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Chenshan Botanical Garden Shanghai recently launched a plan to set up a 22,500-square-meter orchard, which will be one of the largest orchards for horticulture and fruit-picking in Shanghai.

The newly orchard will feature plant culture, sightseeing and fruit-picking. It will display the latest achievements in newly-introduced fruit trees and cultivation in Shanghai. Visitors are expected to see various popular fruit trees, including grape, orange, persimmon, kiwi fruit, Chinese crab-apple, loquat and cherry trees.

Since its opening at 2011, Chenshan Botanical Garden has successfully collected and cultivated over 10,000 distinctive plant species. Themed 'Plants and Health', the garden serves as a strong botanical research base. It also provides the public with an important destination for travel and leisure.

Chenshan Botanical Garden launches orchard plan


By Huang Pei

Edited by Michael Thai



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