Tourist venue adopts Shanghai dialect

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Updated: 2013-05-14

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Shanghai dialect will be used in an audio guide at the centuries-old Guyi Garden in Nanxiang town, Jiading district on May 19, the National Tourism Day, Xinmin Evening News reported.

The practice will be copied by other sightseeing spots in Shanghai in the future as the city strives to preserve its distinct accent. Seven local bus lines have used Shanghai dialect for announcements and several local schools are teaching Shanghai-dialect poems and songs.

The Guyi Garden invited two Shanghai dialect experts to record texts for its audio guide. Tourists can borrow the audio guide for free. They can also talk to a virtual guide on WeChat by scanning QR codes at about 20 locations in the garden.

Shanghai-dialect announcement was first used on buses of Route 785 in December 2011. Now, seven bus lines are announcing stops in Shanghai dialect.

Shanghai-dialect textbooks are also available at local bookstores. They use ballads and raps to appeal to young students.

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