CCTV films gardener in Chenshan

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Updated: 2012-12-27

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A camera crew from CCTV-12 visited the Rare Plant House and Greenhouse in Chenshan Botanical Garden on Dec 1 to film Wei Dingfeng, an outstanding young gardener. Wei's exquisite gardening skills impressed the crew and industry insiders.

The trailer for the program will soon be broadcast on CCTV-1 with Wei on screen for about 30 seconds.

The filming is for a short film covering 16 cities and various professions, such as doctors, chefs, tailors and gardeners. It aims to demonstrate that work from all walks of life form the basis of a harmonious and unified society. The crew consisted of the same people that shot the famous documentary, A Bite of China.

CCTV films gardener in Chenshan
CCTV films gardener in Chenshan

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