Chenshan releases Autumn Flower Show plan

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Updated: 2012-09-17

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Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden will hold the Chenshan Autumn Flower Show during this year's National Day holiday and Shanghai Tourism Festival. Sunflowers and giant water lilies will be the main flowers in the show. The flower show plan is as follows:

I. Activity time Sept 16, 2012—Oct 16, 2012 (8:00 am— 5:00 pm)

II. Activity sponsor Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

III. Activity content

1. Flower shows a. Sunflower show Chenshan will place hundreds of thousands of sunflowers along the Quarry Garden. Tourists will be able to enjoy a beautiful and colorful sunflower sea. b. Giant water lily show There will be 600 giant water lilies in the Aquatic Garden and other water areas in Chenshan Botanical Garden. During the flower show, giant water lilies will enter their most beautiful season so tourists can enjoy the various colors, strong fragrance and strong leaves of the giant water lilies.

2. Other activities a. Chenshan photo exhibition Photos depicting all the seasons of Chenshan will be shown at the South Square in Chenshan Botanical Garden and the square in the Shanghai Zoo.

b. Photos of Shanghai from the eyes of German photographers To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Germany and China, Chenshan Botanical Garden will launch a show displaying photographs of Shanghai from the eyes of German photographers in a bamboo pavilion in the botanic garden.

c. Looking for wild animals in the hometown Chenshan Botanical Garden and the Shanghai Zoo will jointly organize an activity to look for wild animals in the hometown. Participants will receive information cards before entering the garden and fill in the information after finding wild animals in their hometowns. They can win a gift when they hand over the filled cards.

d. North American Plants Week Due to the same latitude of North America and Shanghai, plants from North America grow well in Chenshan Botanical Garden. The garden will hold a popularization activity about North American plants from September 20 to September 27. At that time, a delegation from Longwood Garden in the U.S. will visit the North American Plant Garden in Chenshan.

e. Healthy walking activity Before entering the garden, tourists can receive a Chenshan passport. They can join in a walking activity to collect stamps from the 10 best scenic spots in Chenshan. If all the stamps are collected, the visitors will receive a free visit to the garden.

f. Sitting on a giant water lily Children can sit on the leaves of giant water lilies during the activities to experience the power of the giant water lily.

g. Musical performances During National Day, visitors can enjoy "Jiangnan Sizhu" and "Pingtan" at the bamboo pavilions in the garden. “Jiangnan Sizhu” is a traditional music style from the southern regions of the Yangtze River and “Pingtan” is a storytelling and ballad singing tradition done in the Suzhou dialect. There will also be harp and violin performances on the lawn in front of Greenhouse A.

h. Zoo for small children Chenshan will set up a special zoo for small children to watch some gentle animals such as goats and miniature pigs.

IV. Ticket sales

Chenshan Botanical Garden will cooperate with the Shanghai Zoo to sell discounted tickets.

1. The two parks will provide half-priced tickets to visitors at the Shanghai Tourism Festival from September 17 to September 23. 2. Discounted tickets will also be sold from September 24 to October 16 at the Yangtze River Delta Self-Driving Tour Forum. An online booking ticket system for Chenshan Botanical Garden will also be launched.

V. Opening ceremony

On September 20, the “looking for wild animals in the hometown” activity will be launched in the South Square at Gate I in Chenshan. The ceremony schedule is as follows:

1. Speech from the director of Chenshan Botanical Garden 2. Award ceremony for winners of the Children Drawing Competition in Chenshan 3. Launching ceremony of picture albums featuring all the seasons in Chenshan 4. Unveiling ceremony of the Chenshan Map made from the soil of the hometowns of 56 ethnic groups 5. Commencing the “looking for wild animals” activity 6. Cultivation of North American plants by the delegation from Longwood Park, USA

VI. Other matters

1. Publicity activities: a. Television and newspaper program: the launching ceremony will be reported by the Xinmin News and TV program. b. The Shanghai Zoo will set up an information desk and sell discounted tickets. c. Publicity will be on the official websites of the two parks and their microblogs. d. Party members will be responsible for community publicity by putting brochures in local mailboxes. e. Brochures will be handed out at Dongjing station on subway Line 9 and at the Shanghai Zoo.

2. Chenshan Botanical Garden will rent swans and mandarin ducks from the Shanghai Zoo.

3. Chenshan will provide free shuttle buses to Dongjing station on the weekends and National Day.

4. The No 2 Restaurant in Chenshan will formally open during the National Day holiday.

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