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Forum focuses on female executives' happiness

Updated: 2015-03-27

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Seven professional women were awarded Excellent Female Professionals of Pudong New Area by the district’s federation of trade union at a forum focusing on happiness of female executives in Pudong on Thursday (Mar 26).

The seven professional women include Huang Ruobing, vice-president of the German chemical company BASF, and Annika Waller, chief marketing officer from Swedish air purifier manufacturer Blueair’s Great China region.

Other female executives are from the German pharmaceutical and chemical producer Bayer, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd, Internet networking giant Cisco Systems and Shanghai High Victory Fine Chemical Co. Ltd.

Xie Yumin, deputy head of Podong New Area, said at the forum that professional women have made tremendous contribution to the development and prosperity of the district.

Earlier this year, the Pudong Federation of Trade Union released an investigation report on happiness of professional women working in the district. The report showed that in general working women in Pudong feel happy about their jobs, but those who work in finance, information communication, software, information technology and manufacturing sectors are less satisfied with their jobs because of the high work pressure

Zhu Lixian, president of Bayer's Great China region, said that self-consciousness and self-fulfillment are key elements for female professionals to realize their own value. "They should discover what they excel at and play to their strengths, rather than struggling in what they are not good at."

Yang Rongyong, president of Shanghai High Victory Fine Chemical Co. Ltd, said that self-confidence is vital for female professionals to make achievements in career. "Female executives may not be the smartest in the company, nor the most powerful figures, but they are definitely the most devoted and responsible ones."

Successful women should not necessarily be aggressive, said Huang Junping, vice-president of Cisco Systems Great China region, rather, they could sometimes compromise, communicate and cooperate to break through the glass ceiling.