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Hunan cuisine

Updated: 2012-08-14

Hunan cuisine has already developed into a famous culinary school in China. Hunan dishes consist of local dishes from the Xiangjiang River area, Dongting Lake area and Western Hunan mountain area. Hunan cuisine is characterized by its hot and sour flavor, fresh aroma, greasiness, deep color, and the prominence of the main flavor in the dishes.

Hunan cuisine

Dong'an chick

Ai Wan Ting Restaurant

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Qiao Xiang Ge

Add: 473 Lancun Road

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Qin Xiang Ge

Add: B1 Thomson Commercial Building, 710 Dongfang Road

Tel: (86)-021-61524326

Wang Xiang Yuan

Add: Room 302 96 Plaza, 796 Dongfang Road

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Chu Xuan Tang Hubei Dish

Add: 2F 96 Plaza, 796 Dongfang Road

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