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2011 China Int'l Consumer Electronics Show
2011 China International Consumer Electronics Show ended over the weekend, attracting 523 global consumer electronics companies and hundreds of industry experts.
Lotus at their best in Weishan Lake
Lotuses in Weishan Lake are at their best in the midsummer season in Jining city, Shandong province.
A fare deal for students
"Hail to the bus driver, bus driver man," the chorus might go.
China cricket culture festival begins Sept 9

The China Cricket Culture Festival& Ningyang Dates Festival will open on Sept 9 in in Ningyang county in the city of Tai’an in East China’s Shandong province.

The opening ceremonies for both festivals will take place Sept 9 at Good Luck Dates Garden in Geshi town in Ningyang county. A cricket performance and competition will be held at People’s Hall. The cricket culture festival will last until Sept 30, while the dates festival will end Oct 9.

During the two festivals, the county will organize activities such as a date picking experience, an exhibition of products made from dates and cricket performances..

The county will provide visitors with packages that include student holiday trips, family trips, group trips, self-driving tours and one-day tours for Mid-Autumn Day and the National Day Holiday. Visitors can live and eat with local families.

The county also will hold a group wedding at Good Luck Dates Garden and organize activities that include fishing, shooting and an essay contest.

Famous as the hometown of dates, Ningyang county has a more than 1,000 years of history planting dates. At present, the dates planting area boasts an annual yield worth 170 million yuan.

Cricket fighting in Ningyang originated in the Qin Dynasty, developed in the Tang and Song dynasties and flourished in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Today, cricket-fighting fans at home and abroad arrive each autumn to celebrate the festival, exceeding an average 60,000 visitors each year. Ningyang cricket fighting became internationally known after being listed as an activity of the International Mount Taishan Climbing Festival.

By Wang Qian and Liu Dongxian (China Daily Shandong Bureau)

Editor: Li Jing


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