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Xi'an's 'manifests merging' improves cost and efficiency of customs clearance


Updated: 2018-09-19

An international freight train from Chang'an docked in Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park at the beginning of September. The train was loaded with more than 4,000 tons of wheat from Kazakhstan and managed to complete customs clearance procedures in just three hours using the city's new "manifests merging" system.

Xi'an's 'manifests merging' improves cost and efficiency of customs clearance

A photo of ITL Park. [Photo by Li Anding/xiancn.com]

Manifests are detailed lists of cargo which detail the contents of each train carriage. In the past, every carriage needed its own manifest, which was accompanied by a customs declaration form, increasing the cost and time required for companies to ship large quantities of goods.

Last year, ITL Park and Xi'an Customs introduced a new customs clearance model known as "manifests merging". The model allows companies to more easily ship bulk goods by rail, such as cotton yarn, sheet metal and machinery, by allowing goods with the same product name, specification, contract, enterprise, batch and category to use a single manifest.

"Manifests merging" has been promoted throughout the country by the State Council as the fourth batch of reforms in the free trade pilot zone.

Aiju Grain and Oil Industry Group imported 2,000 metric tons of virgin edible oil from Kazakhstan in March 2016. Using the "manifests merging" system, ITL Park reduced the customs clearance fee from 30,100 yuan ($4389.42) to 700 yuan, a 97.7 percent reduction.

Yihai Kerry (Xingping) Food Industry Co imported a total of 100 containers of Kazakhstan wheat in February 2017. Using the new model, Xi'an Customs reduced customs clearance costs by 94 percent.

Enterprises adopting the "manifests merging" model can save more than 90 percent on customs clearance fees and significantly improve the efficiency of China-Europe freight train clearance.

In addition to "manifests merging", many scientific and technological measures have also been taken to improve the efficiency of customs clearance, such as the use of inspection manifest equipment.

Xi'an's 'manifests merging' improves cost and efficiency of customs clearance

A photo of a Chang'an international freight train. [Photo by Li Anding/xiancn.com]

Xi'an Customs supervised the import and export value of China-Europe freight trains, which was 9.7 billion US dollars in July, 7.9 times higher than in January. The freight volume was 368,000 metric tons, an eight-fold increase, while the number of column runs increased six-fold to 658.

In July, import clearance time decreased by 45.6 percent, while export clearance time decreased by 90.2 percent.

With the implementation of the new model, commodities such as wheat and mung beans transported by Chang'an freight trains have grown from one column a week to two or three columns a week.

"Manifests merging", with its high efficiency and low costs, has also increased the volume of import and export trade for Shaanxi province.

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