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ITL Park strives to build largest domestic inland port


Updated: 2018-07-17

Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park has become the largest domestic inland port and an important part of the Belt and Road Initiative after 10 years of continuous effort, according to a report by the Xi’an Daily on July 17.

ITL Park strives to build largest domestic inland port

An aerial view of the Xi'an Port [Photo/itl.gov.cn]

ITL Park is situated in Xi'an, an ancient Chinese capital city, and has a robust rail transportation system owing to the area's lack of seas and rivers. The park cooperates with many coastal ports to transport all sorts of goods, such as grain, meat and finished automobiles, to domestic and overseas markets.

The park has the largest freight volume and most rail lines among all domestic inland ports. Its rail system is efficient, quick, and reliable.

ITL Park strives to build largest domestic inland port

A freight train belonging to the Chang'an freight train service passes through Xi'an Port. [Photo/itl.gov.cn]

Five main industries, including port-vicinity, e-commerce, financial leasing, trade logistics and culture and sports, have flourished in recent years, with total e-commerce trade volume exceeding 100 billion yuan ($14.97 billion).

Financial leasing and business factoring enterprises account for 70 and 90 percent of the total enterprises in Shaanxi province, respectively, with an average annual growth of over 30 percent and a fiscal revenue growth which ranked first in Xi'an for the year.

ITL Park is becoming a center for the trillion-scale trade logistics industry in greater Xi'an and a driving force behind the city's development.

The city's road network has been completed, metro line 3 has been opened to traffic, and metro line 14 has started construction.

The Xi'an Olympic Sports Center and supporting facilities are speeding up construction. A new urban area is rapidly emerging which is comparable to G20.

Moving forward, ITL Park will continue to build the largest port in inland China and accelerate development of the trillion-scale trade logistics industry to form a new modern, green, fashionable and open international city center.

Xi'an opens cargo flight to Tianjin


The Boeing 737 air freighter of Tianjin Cargo Airlines landed at the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport on Jan 22, after a two-hour flight, marking the official opening of the cargo flight from Xi'an to Tianjin.

Shaanxi's first intangible cultural heritage organization launched


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