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Xi’an results well in air pollution control


Updated: 2014-07-10

Xi’an results well in air pollution control

Fengqing Park of Xi’an city [Photo/xinhuanet.com]

The city of Xi’an, Shaanxi province, implemented five measures to combat air pollution. The results are encouraging, Xinhuanet.com reported on Wednesday.

The city put great efforts into industry adjustment by reforming and removing eight enterprises and shutting down 130 enterprises that caused air pollution. It also pushed forward the project of replacing coal with gas and electricity, which reduced the consumption of coal by 1.6 million tons compared with 2013.

Xi’an also took steps in car control. It abandoned 560,000 old cars, opened and adjusted 55 bus lines, added 1,155 buses and 8,000 public bicycles, and strengthened checks and supervision.

To control dust, strict regulations were carried out in construction sites. The city bought 200 sprinklers to clean roads regularly and established a dust preventing and remedying company. The management system was also set up to regulate the burning of straw, rubbish and leaves. The city checked 4,100 restaurants and 3,400 barbecue stalls to urge them to use clean energy and install oil fume purifying devices.

To carry out ecological projects, such as the Protection of Qinling Mountains Ecology, the city of Xi’an is working to build itself into a national forest city and national garden city. In 2013, newly-added green space, wetland and ecological water area reached 4.5 million square meters, 4 million sq m and 1.7 million sq m, respectively.

Through the above measures, the days of good air quality reached 80 in the first half-year, 23 days more than last year, ranking Xi’an 35th among 74 cities.

By Yang Fan and edited by Michael Thai


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