Yunnan holds a meeting to study the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping


Updated: 2014-08-26

The Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Yunnan held a meeting on Aug 8 to study the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping.

In the meeting, Cui Maohu, head of the department, asked all officials of the province's human resources and social security authorities to carefully study the instructions and be more aware of the importance of introducing professionals from abroad.

Cui gave specific requirements for how to attract talent from abroad for the province to help grow its agriculture, energy, manufacturing and service industries.

He emphasized that the officials should study the instructions of General Secretary Xi with a historical and global view. It's necessary to tap into the strengths of different cultures in order to achieve the “Chinese Dream.” The most important way to do this is introducing talented people from abroad.

Among the other requirements he made, Cui said the province should make it clear what kinds of talent it needs and make its programs more attractive to them. He said talent is the most important resource for the province.

Jiang Feng, deputy head of the department, informed attendees at the meeting about other instructions on introduction about foreign experts issued by the central government.

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