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Updated: 2013-11-05

One Shenzhen foreign expert affairs official commented, “Crowds of people returning from overseas have come to Shenzhen in recent years, with more 50,000 coming by the first of this year. Over the last two years, people such as Liu Ruopeng, a PhD who invented an ‘invisible cloak’, Sheng Sitong, and Zhou Huijun have settled in Shenzhen.”

Returning overseas Chinese have high education levels, many them from European and US universities and nearly 22 percent from the world’s top 100 schools. Some are versatile, with several degrees and proficient in a number of languages and the number from developed countries has increased greatly.

There are almost 2,000 enterprises created by returning Chinese, such as HYK Gene, BGI, LinkStar Electronics Group, Len Seiki, and Ecomann, and 30 with an total annual output vale of more than 100 million yuan ($16.4 million). Nearly all are technology companies, some of them leaders in their sector and have been important for Shenzhen’s industrial innovations and upgrades.


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