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Online turnover top 48 bn yuan

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Updated: 2015-02-09

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Online turnover top 48 bn yuan

Ningbo’s online turnover hit 48.97 billion yuan ($7.84 billion) last year, with online expenditure hit 48.83 billion yuan, according to the newest data published by Zhejiang’s Department of Commerce. It has been Ningbo’s first time to realize a positive balance in online retailing.

As personalized and diversified consumer spending takes hold, Ningbo has taken advantage of its regional advantage to drive the application of e-commerce in rural areas and communities, as well as in foreign trade, industrial enterprises and traditional retail businesses.

The city’s online turnover grew 82.05 percent compared to 2013. The figure was 35 percent more than the provincial level, ranking Ningbo first in Zhejiang in terms of growth rate. The combined sales of two local e-business platforms alone has topped 600 million yuan over the half year.

To promote the development of the online retail industry, Ningbo has supported business-to-customer (B2C) online shopping platforms and online to offline (O2O) platforms, which focus on local consumption and lifestyle services such as yofogo.com, sosoo.net and 1go8.com.

E-commerce has also been introduced to the counties of Cixi, Yinzhou, Xiangshan, Fenghua, following success in Yuyao and Ninghai. At present, around 500 e-business service points have been built in rural areas within in the four counties and more logistical service network stations are under construction. The service stations and will enable residents to pay for water and electricity, make appointments with doctors and shop on the Internet.

Ningbo currently has six national e-business pilot projects, two national demonstration electronic commercial enterprises and more than ten large clusters of electric commercial enterprises.