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Tips for visiting Mosuo Tribe

Updated : 2017-04-07

Mosuo tribe is an ethnic group many of whom live by the Lugu Lake in Yunnan province. The Mosuo are often referred to as China's "last matrilineal society."

Below are some tips for visiting the unique tribe:

1 Discussing sex is prohibited in family talks especially when seniors are present.

2 Do not walk past other people in front of the fireplace.

3 Do not put your feet onto the pot or stove.

4 Do not step over the fireplace or take your shoes off in front of the fireplace.

5 Do not spit into the fireplace.

6 Do not back to the fireplace.

7 Do not tread on the threshold while talking.

8 Foul language is prohibited.

Whether you take the train or fly, you need to reserve plenty of time in advance. If you take a plane, you need to take note of the weather conditions. Roaming charges are high in Yunnan, so make sure that you have enough credit to communicate conveniently.

Medicines: please remember to bring medicines for cold, enter gastritis and carsickness.

Accommodations: if you are not familiar with your destination, it is recommended that you reserve the hotels in advance.

Safety: It is recommended that you go out in groups, especially at night. If you are a single lady or a child, bring something to defend yourself in case of danger.

Equipment: Cameras are must, you should also prepare other things such as sunblock and sunglasses.

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