2011 Liaoning Annual Sessions 

4th Session of 11th People’s Congress of Liaoning kicks off

The fourth Session of the 11th Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress commenced on Jan 21, 2011.

According to Tong Zhiwu, secretary-general of the People’s Congress Standing Committee, 2011, as the inaugural year of the 12th Five-year Plan, is a vital year for Liaoning’s rejuvenation.

The success of this session is of great significance in guaranteeing a good beginning to the 12th Five-year Plan and promoting the reform and opening up of Liaoning. Some NPC representatives will also be present at this session to discuss the development plan for Liaoning, according to Tong.

To deliberate over the 12th Five-year Draft Plan, two press conferences will be held with the economic development and improvement of people’s livelihoods as the main topics, in which people will get a chance to participate via websites and hotlines.






4th Session of 10th CPPCC Liaoning Committee concludes

The 4th Session of the 10th CPPCC Liaoning Provincial Committee, which lasted four and a half days, concluded with complete success in the Liaoning People’s Hall on Jan 24, 2011.

The closing ceremony was chaired by Yue Fuhong, chairman of the CPPCC Liaoning Provincial Committee.

Yue spoke highly of the concerted efforts of all representatives and the support of the provincial government in guaranteeing the complete success of this session. During the session, the committee members honored their duties, discussed the work report of the provincial government and the 12th Five-year Plan (Draft) and elected Tang Jianwu vice-chairman of the CPPCC Liaoning Provincial Committee and Sun Yuanliang the general-secretary of the Committee.   Yue called on all committee members to pragmatically implement the spirit of the session, further innovate upon the working mechanisms of the Committee, enhance democratic supervision, and fulfill their roles to maximum effect.

Yue also stressed that our province has entered a key period of rejuvenation. We must deeply implement the scientific outlook on development, keep up with the times to fully carry out various tasks of the inaugural year of the 12th Five-year Plan, and promote the sound and rapid economic progress of our province and rejuvenation of the Liaoning old industrial base.


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