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Charming tourist towns worldwide

( ejilin.gov.cn )

The following is a list of 20 tourist towns in 14 countries, including Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the America and China that are part of the T20 World-Renowned Tourist City Union, which had its summit this year near Changbai Mountain, in Jilin province, on June 27.

So, let's take a look at the unique, distinct charms of some of them:

Erdao Baihe, China, town of "slow life"

Charming tourist towns worldwide

This is considered the "No 1 Town"of the Changbai Mountain area, in Northeast China's province, because of its beauty and quiet air, and its slow pace of life, an indisputable part of local life. The town has a 70-km walking path and 50-km bicycle path and provides 800 bicycles for public use so tourists can enjoy the "slow life" around the town. [Photo/chinajilin.com.cn]

El calafate, Argentina, the beauty of Moreno Glacier

Charming tourist towns worldwide

The town, in Santa Cruz province, Argentina, has the spectacular Moreno Glacier, where tourists can view it by driving near it and stopping to study it. Or they can take a cruise on Lake Argentino and relax in a cozy environment and enjoy the beauty of the glacier. [Photo/chinajilin.com.cn]

Luhačovice, Czech Republic, a town of springs

Charming tourist towns worldwide

Luhačovice's mineral spring water is drinkable and can be used to treat ailments. And tourists can choose from one of the many festive activities in all four seasons. [Photo/chinajilin.com.cn]

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