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Jilin sends more medical workers to combat Ebola in Sierra Leone


Shen Bo, a specialist of the Jilin Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the city of Changchun, capital of Jilin province, flew from the capital city to Beijing, on June 28, to join the fourth group of China volunteers in Sierra Leone who are there to combat the Ebola outbreak.

Shen and the nine other specialists from China will remain in the country for six months, longer than the former teams, during which time they will do research on the virus and epidemic surveillance in a bio-safety lab, and help the country to improve its capacity to prevent other infectious diseases as dengue fever and malaria. They will also help to train local medical personnel in epidemic control.

Preceding Shen Bo from Jilin was Deng Liquan, as part of the province's active engagement in international aid and bio-safety research. Its Disease Control Center built a new national research lab in 2013, the sixth of its kind in China, which has been helpful in combating highly pathogenic diseases such as bird-flu, Ebola, and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and has ranked among China’s top medical research labs, and an important lab in Northeast China.