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Jilin film park throws cosplay party

By Fang Sha

Jilin film park throws cosplay party

Film Studio Theme Park 10th anniversary, in Changchun, the "Oriental Hollywood", on May 30 [Photo by Wang Haofei/ jl.xinhuanet.com]

When the city of Changchun, Jilin province decided to put on a party for the 10th anniversary of its Changchun Film Studio Theme Park, it asked everybody to act young with a cosplay involving all kinds of cartoon figures, on May 30, and as a sort of rehearsal for Children's Day, on June 1.

By 2:00 pm that day, it had attracted over 5,000 visitors, both children and adults, who came to have fun by acting like a cartoon character, such as Pinocchio or Sailor Moon. So far the film theme park has a total figure of 8 million visitors from around the world.

Jilin film park throws cosplay party

International cartoon character cosplay in the park, on May 30 [Photo by Wang Haofei/ jl.xinhuanet.com]

The park's ten-year journey has witnessed the film industrial tour in China growing from next to nothing. On May 29, 2005, the cradle of Chinese film, Changchun Film Studio, opened China's first film park in the southeastern part of the city, with film recreational facilities and advanced technology, including 4D, a water curtain, and digital dome screen.

It has been a leader in Chinese film for those 10 years and has kept innovating, spending 500 million yuan ($80.6 million) on Asia's first multiplex movie theatre and more facilities. It has also organized more than 300 theme parties, such as the pear festival and pajama party, to increase its brand popularity, and has become a real hot tourist spot in China's Northeast.

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