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NE China to open high-speed railway to Russia

( ejilin.gov.cn )

The governor of Northeast China’s Jilin province says a high-speed railway connecting the Chinese border city of Hunchun with Russian’s largest port on the Pacific Ocean, Vladivostok will get underway in a foreseeable future.

Jiang Chaoliang, who revealed the project at the annual session of the provincial People’s Congress, on Feb 9, explained the move by saying, "We're dedicated to our opening-up policy, particularly with Northeast Asia countries."

This link will largely cater to tourists and business people, especially Russians who have gotten fond of doing their shopping at Hunchun, and it will cut the travel time considerably.

Jin Shuoren, a member of Jilin People’s Congress, added that the high-speed railway will contribute a lot to the business exchanges between the two regions.