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China, Russia and DPRK setting up tourism zone


A trilateral tourism zone located in Tumen River downstream area has been approved by three border countries, one government official at the 4th session of the 12th Jilin Provincial People’s Congress said, on Feb 12.

This international pilot zone is centered on the Chinese city of Hunchun and has direct connections to North Korea and Russia, with more than 10 square kilometers for each, and has Jilin as the major stakeholder in the project.

The Jilin official went on to say, "We've worked to set up a joint management team and anyone with a passport from any of those three countries can get in for free entry".

This trilateral initiative was proposed in 2014 has aroused the interest of Russia and the DPRK, for better sharing tourism resources.

The official concluded by saying that Jilin has done a feasibility study and will work on a plan in 2015, and, "We’re willing to work with either one or both partners to get this going."