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China-Russia highway transportation paves new trade route

By Wang Zhen

Hopes of a bolstered trade volume between China and Russia have been high following the departure of two heavy-loaded vehicles from Jilin province, bound for Russia’s Far East, on Monday, Nov 24.

The convoy traveled on the 865.8-kilometer transport route, designed to connect the Changchun Xinglong comprehensive bonded zone with Vladikavkaz in Russia.

China and Russia have deepened their economic ties over the past years, particularly with the increase trade volume between Jilin and Russia’s Far East where they share borders.

The Changchun-Vladikavkaz highway transport route, which is vital in increasing the overall logistic capacity between the two countries, also speeds up trade between the two regions.

"The new route is efficient, simply because goods from the Changchun-based bonded zones can be transported to Russia with less time spent than before," one staff working in the bonded zone said.

Transportation between China and Russia around the border areas currently relies primarily on shipping, according to a customs official in Jilin.