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Changchun street plants wear "green coat"

By Wang Zhen ( ejilin.gov.cn )

Changchun, capital city of Jilin, put a "green coat" on the city’s street plants recently to keep them warm and make the streets look good, since most of the plants turn grey or die during winter.

This winter, Changchun street vegetation is wearing a new type of cold-proof fabric in bright colors, with the aim of keeping those plants warm and looking great.

"The new fabrics are different from what we used in previous years," one official from the city’s landscape and forestry bureau said.

"It can help prevent street plants from strong wind and from pedestrian damage."

Every year, the city puts thick grey fabrics on street plants as the temperature there can drop to minus 28 C during the winter season.

The bright fabrics make the city streets appear good despite the cold weather.