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Jilin's English news website will bring the province closer to the world

( ejilin.gov.cn )

Jilin province's English news website -- www.ejilin.gov.cn – had its official opening on Nov 5, thanks to the joint efforts of the Information Office of Jilin Provincial People's Government and chinadaily.com.cn, bringing a news website that adheres faithfully to press principles of the media and providing an authorized news platform for readers from all around the world.

It caters to an international community by providing practical information on the province and latest local news updates from a fresh, new perspective, with the idea of raising Jilin’s profile in globally, and providing a window for foreigners on the province and what is going on there on a daily basis.

And Jilin has seen the rise of its profile on the international scene, situated as it is with a vintage point in Northeast China. Its abundant resources, solid economy, and its own opening-up ideas have helped the province grow ever stronger.

The website now has seven major columns and nearly 20 sub-columns that are mainly news-oriented, with the features being "News", "Foreign Reports" and "Events". These publicize Jilin's development situated in a global setting. Other categories, such as "Travel", "Living", and "About Jilin" bring a local perspective, showing it as an ideal place for tourism, with information for people from different countries.

And, China Daily, a major part of China's leading English-language news organization, with its growing popularity abroad, has become the first choice for top people interested in China's English language media, and its large domestic English news website, chinadaily.com.cn, clearly has an advantage in developing websites. It has built almost 200 websites for multiple-level governments and enterprises in China, which includes the newly launched English website of the State Council on Oct 8, 2014.