More foreigners visiting Changchun Film Studio

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Changchun, capital of Jilin province, is famous for its auto and film industries, which are also the two cards this city showed to the participants in the "Jilin in the eyes of international friends" activity, on July 12 .

In the words of one Latvian visitor to the Changchun Film Studio, one of China's first and an industry trend-setter, "It made me think about the many Chinese films that I saw in the past." The studio has in fact produced more than 900 films and adapted more than 1,000 foreign films and its classical works, such as "Five Golden Flowers", "Battle on Shangganling Mountain", and "Heroic Sons and Daughters", have influenced generations of Chinese.

On the same day the Latvian visitor was admiring the studios, visitors from Korea and Japan were listening attentively to a talk on the studio's history and were fascinated by the props used in classical films and they had a great time visiting the simulation area for the film "Naval Battle of 1894".