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Zhangjiagang fascinates Ugandan teacher     2015-04-09

Asadu, a teacher from Uganda, East Africa, started to teach in Zhangjiagang Singapore International School in the city of Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province six years ago.

Foreign journalists impressed by Zhangjiagang     2014-05-27

We were impressed a lot by the people of Zhangjiagang, a natural harbor in Jiangsu province. We learned of the effort they made to develop Zhangjiagang in the past. The management of industries and rural areas there was great.

Overseas energy projects get green light     2012-10-10

Energy programs are among 15 overseas projects that have been given the go-ahead to boost China's global presence in the solar sector.

Zhangjiagang through an expatriate's eyes     2012-06-07

It was the sort of assignment no self-respecting journalist would turn down: Go to the city regarded as the cleanest in China, where the locals are regarded as the most polite and which is considered to be a model for the future of the nation's metropolises and compare it with life in Beijing.

Environmentalism cleans Zhangjiagang's streets     2013-01-16

There is no smoking allowed on the pedestrian walkways in the city of Zhangjiagang, a city in Jiangsu Province.

A welcoming city     2012-06-07

Aside from the occasional car horn beep, courtesy is almost palpable, as abundant and welcoming as the cherry blossom at the time of our visit to this southern city. It's as if they put it in the water.

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