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Intl ink art exhibition opens in Zhangjiagang     2019-10-31

The 2019 Zhangjiagang Biennale of Contemporary Ink Art opened at the Zhangjiagang Art Gallery on Oct 27 and will run until Dec 15.

Cross-Straits agriculture expo to open next month     2019-10-25

The Zhangjiagang Cross-Straits Agriculture Exposition will be held in Zhangjiagang, a port city in Jiangsu province, from Nov 8-11, local media reported.

54 projects worth 31.3 billion yuan launched in Zhangjiagang     2019-10-17

Zhangjiagang hosted a break ground ceremony for 54 projects with a total investment of 31.3 billion yuan ($4.9 billion) on Oct 16.

Zhangjiagang aims high in boosting intelligent manufacturing     2019-10-17

Zhangjiagang, a port city in East China's Jiangsu province, is poised to further accelerate the development of its high-end manufacturing and industrial upgrading by hosing financing activities, local officials said.

Zhangjiagang to host 16th Yangtze River culture, art festival     2019-10-16

The annual Zhangjiagang Yangtze river culture and art festival is set to be held in Zhangjiagang, a port city in East China's Jiangsu province on Nov 1, local media reported.

Zhangjiagang company wins award at Beijing horticultural expo     2019-10-15

Aoyang Garden, created by Aoyang Horticultural Co, a branch of Aoyang Group in Zhangjiagang, won a silver award at the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition.

White Cane Safety Day celebrated in Zhangjiagang     2019-10-14

More than 100 visually-impaired people in Zhangjiagang, a port city in East China's Jiangsu province experienced a beautiful day on Oct 13.

Soak up autumn scenery in Zhangjiagang     2019-10-12

Autumn in China is the best time to get outside and enjoy the colorful leaves before they disappear

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