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Asian photographers in Zhangjiagang     2014-07-09

Asian photographers in Zhangjiagang

Most beautiful primary school in Zhangjiagang     2013-06-08

Tangshi Primary School is considered to be the most beautiful school in Zhangjiagang, though it is located in a rural area outside of the city. The new campus, renovated late last year, boasts of features typical of the Suzhou style.

Cooking competition among foreigners     2013-04-19

More than thirty Japanese merchants went to the cherry island in Dongduyuan scenic spot and planted 80 cherry trees.

Zhangjiagang,an Educated City     2012-04-25

The city of Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province came up with an index for its planned “Educated city” development, in November 2012, the first city in China to take this approach to both urban and rural areas, in other words, its entire area.

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