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Golden Finger Square's Musical Fountain     2018-08-30

Rising and falling like the wave from the innermost.

Phoenix Lake     2018-08-30

Suzhou Artistic Creation Base unveiled in Fenghuang town     2018-08-24

An artistic creation base was unveiled on Aug 16 in Zhangjiagang's Fenghuang town of East China's Jiangsu province in a bid to promote local tourism resources and folk culture.

Zhangjiagang unveil stamps to celebrate autumn     2018-08-13

The port city of Zhanjiagang in Jiangsu province issued a set of special stamps featuring the traditional Chinese solar terms of Liqiu, the Start of Autumn, on Aug 7.

Zhangjiagang artists bring Pingtan Opera to Guizhou     2018-08-13

A group of professional artists in Zhangjiagang showcased the charms of Pingtan Opera in Yanhe Tujia autonomous county, Guizhou province on Aug 4.

Five things you should know to celebrate xiaonian in Zhangjiagang     2018-02-08

Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province celebrates the festival this year on Feb 9 with a series of local customs.

Spring festival gala lights up port city     2018-02-07

A gala performance featuring music, dancing, witty skits and comedy was held at Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu province on Feb 4 to celebrate the upcoming lunar New Year.

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