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Cross-Straits agriculture expo sees booming sales

Updated: 2019-11-12

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The four-day 2019 Cross-Straits (Zhangjiagang) Agriculture Exposition came to a close on Nov 11.

More than 100,000 buyers attended the expo, striking deals worth more than 10 million yuan ($1.43 million) in total.

Exhibitors claimed they saw bigger sales than last year.

"We sold over 80 metric tons of rice, 30 tons more than last year," said an exhibitor from a local grain trading company.

"Our sales increased by 30 percent from last year," said an exhibitor from a local aquaculture company.

"I hired 20 people to help me pick, transport and sell my vegetables," said an exhibitor from a local vegetable company which sold more than 2,000 kilograms per day during the expo.

"We brought around 250 kilograms of peanuts and sold them all in just two days," said an exhibitor from Yanhe county in Guizhou province, adding that they want to promote their goods at the expo in order to help farmers back home increase their incomes.

"Thirty-five leading Taiwan agricultural enterprises attended this year's expo, bringing fruits, tea and snacks," said a representative from a cross-Straits economic and trade exchange association in Taiwan.

The representative added that this is the eighth time that Taiwan agricultural enterprises have attended the expo, and that the number of participating enterprises has increased every year. He promised to help even more participate next year.

According to the organizing committee, the expo not only puts the quality of local agricultural products to the test, but also serves as an important promoter of local tourism as a tool to realize rural revitalization.

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