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'Internet + IOT' benefits smart city construction

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Updated: 2016-05-24

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An anti-theft system featuring "Internet + IOT" technology developed by Suzhou Shengshihuaan Intelligent Science and Technology Company has been widely applied among communities in Zhangjiagang city, improving quality of life for residents as well as contributing to the city's smart service construction.

A total of 179 local communities have been equipped with anti-theft sensors on their building's walls. If a thief climbs a wall, the light wave emitted by the sensor will catch the action and reveal the spot on police information systems while simultaneously informing the community's monitoring screen.

The system, developed by Suzhou Shengshihuaan Intelligent Science and Technology Company, has been listed as one of the national IOT (Internet of Things) application demonstration projects.

"The construction of a 'Wisdom Community' is a key part in the construction of a smart city," said Sun Haoyuan, president of the company. "We have further launched an app and one-card-pass service providing comprehensive services for local residents."

The new app cooperates with the city's various government departments to send services directly to the home. Residents can now enjoy breakfast offered by a four-star hotel, order life necessities at much lower prices than in stores, make medical appointments and make fee payments at home.

The one-stop-service brought by "Internet + IOT" has changed the traditional lifestyle, making life much easier.

"Our efforts in exploring smart city construction not only aim at promoting regional industrial upgrading and economic development," said Sun, "but benefit our residents by allowing them to enjoy the fruits of technological progress." The manager believes they can apply the system to all of Suzhou city in three years and to the entire country, encompassing over 10 million users.

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