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Zhangjiagang takes measures to improve public health service

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Updated: 2015-08-20

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The Zhangjiagng municipal commission of health and family planning has taken a series of measures to improve the public health system and provide more convenient health services to its residents. These measures include modern technology based facilities too.

In recent times, many hospitals of Zhangjiagng have launched online platforms like websites and WeChat accounts for registration. So far, electronic health record system has been promoted in the Third People's Hospital, Jinfeng Hospital, the First People's Hospital, Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nanfeng Hospital.

In the first half of the year, the commission had organized more than 20 traditional medical experts to hold lectures and offer medical consultation and guidance in residential communities.

A remote hypertension monitoring system is also under construction. Moreover, the city has launched a first of its kind mobile donation house. It includes windows, an automatic door and sofas. In result of all these facilities, from January to June period, the house received 809 blood donors and a total blood volume of 256,900 milliliters.

The commission is also giving its utmost priority on improving the follow up rate of patients, taking several steps to insure patient's satisfaction. It is offering free home-to-home medical services, holding medical based knowledge training and distributing free medicines to satisfy patients.

In addition, the commission has piloted a home-based nursing program around the city for the elderly, disabled and patients with chronic diseases in communities. A total of 70 people have been offered such kind of services so far.

The commission has also paid attention to the health of children and women. During the first half of the year, an oral health examination was conducted among the third-grade primary school students of 52 schools, while 4,856 women were offered free gynaecological check-up.

And to make its services available to masses, the commission has launched a WeChat account to release health information and family planning policies.

Edited by Shahnawaz Akhtar

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