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Zhangjiagang promotes nutrition education among schools

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Updated: 2014-12-22

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As a member carrying out the "Chinese Children's Nutrition & Health Education Project" around the country, the city of Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu province has focused on promoting nutrition education among primary schools with various activities.

Since the launch of the project in October 2014, the Zhangjiagang health bureau and education bureau have jointly pushed forward the project among schools, including publishing textbooks and other supporting materials for students and teachers; launching nutrition education classes; training nutrition professionals; and holding a nutrition knowledge contest.

According to statistics from the city center for disease control, 62,688 students from Zhangjiagang's 52 primary schools received physical examination in 2013, of which 5,015 were overweight, or 8 percent of the total number.

The growing rate of obesity among children has become the top threat for Chinese children's health. The project aims at popularizing proper nutrition and health knowledge to teachers, parents and students between six and 12 years of age in rural and urban areas, training students to develop good eating habits from an early age, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

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