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36-meter long painting artwork shows beauty of Suzhou

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Updated: 2014-12-04

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36-meter long painting artwork shows beauty of Suzhou

The 36-meter long ink-painting "Splendid Suzhou". [Photo/ Suzhou Daily]

36-meter long painting artwork shows beauty of Suzhou

Artists look at their collective work, a 36-meter-long scroll painting depicting the views of Suzhou. [Photo/ Suzhou Daily]

After more than 10 months of work, the 36-meter long ink-painting artwork was finished and revealed to the public for the first time on Nov 25. It is now the longest painting depicting Suzhou.

The painting, which is named "Splendid Suzhou" and involves 18 Suzhou painting masters' work, demonstrates the scenery of seven areas of Greater Suzhou, covering classic tourist spots such as Zhouzhuang, a historical canal town; the Sanshan Isle, to the west of Taihu Lake; the Humble Administrator's Garden; North Temple Pagoda; and Panmen, the old city gate, as well as new landmarks such as the Suzhou Sport Centre, the Gate of Orient, Taihu Bridge and the Suzhou Railway Station.

The painting was painted in Wu School of painting's style. The 18 artists had a clear division of work, each painting what he or she specialized in. For example, one artist just paints buildings; another just paints trees.

In addition, the painting is planned to be published in a picture book in the future.

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