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Zhangjiagang sets up remanufacturing training center

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Updated: 2014-06-05

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The city of Zhangjiagang has opened a training center for training and developing talent in the remanufacturing industry.

The center was co-founded by the Shazhou Professional Institute of Technology, the Zhangjiagang Economic & Technological Zone, the China Association of Automobile automotive parts remanufacturing Branch, and the National Engineering Research Center of Mechanical Products Remanufacturing.

The center integrates training with education, and it is devoted to the development of talent in all remanufacturing-related jobs.

The remanufacturing industry, as one of China's emerging industries, plays an important role in boosting the development of a recycling-based economy. However, China is far behind foreign countries in the remanufacturing industry and is suffering from a lack of talent.

In the future, Zhangjiagang will focus on introducing overseas talents as well as training domestic talents.

The Shazhou Professional Institute of Technology plans to strengthen the training of professional talents by setting up specialized courses for remanufacturing, cooperating with enterprises and providing skilled training for employees.

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