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After Spring Festival: A good time for travel

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Updated: 2014-02-12

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The period after the seven-day Spring Festival holiday is a low season for tourism. Many travel agencies have lower prices for tourism packages, as the prices of flights and accommodations go down.

A woman surnamed Yuan said she decided to travel to Thailand at the end of February because the price of 3,999 yuan ($659.80) per person was much lower than prices during the holiday.

According to a sales person at Huatai travel agency, they are providing good discounts on many tourism packages – 3,590 yuan per person for a Hainan package, 3,999 yuan for a Thailand package and 3,680 yuan for a Taiwan package. The discounts have attracted many people.

Some people said that during Spring Festival, they were busy getting together with family and visiting relatives and friends, with no time to travel. Taking an annual leave to travel after the holiday is an economic choice.

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