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Zhangjiagang cancels fireworks show at Lantern Festival

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Updated: 2014-02-11

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Lantern Festival – one of China’s traditional festivals – falls on February 14, 2014. A fireworks show, which has been held for several years in Zhangjiagang of Jiangsu province, will be cancelled this year for economic reasons.

A lantern riddle event will be held instead at Wenhui Square, which is considered more traditional.

In the art and sport service center of Yangshe town, people have prepared 40 lanterns in six sizes with local cultural characteristics.

Xiao Min, deputy director of the center, said the town features opera and drum culture, so such elements will be added to the lanterns.

Officials from the Zhangjiagang Cultural Center said special lanterns from districts and towns of the city have been sent to the center. They will arrange the lanterns at the lantern riddle event.

Li Liqun, one of the leaders of the center, said on the evening of Lantern Festival that there will be an opera performance on the water stage. In the square, there will be about 200 lanterns, each with a riddle on it. People are invited to admire the lanterns and guess the riddles.

Li Zhongying from a related department of the city said they cancelled the fireworks show and replaced it with a lantern riddle event to develop traditional culture.

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