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Spring Festival at Confucian Temple

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Updated: 2014-01-16

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The second Spring Festival Celebration at Confucian Temple is being hosted at the Suzhou Inscription Museum from January 31 to February 6. Special events are being held at the museum every day. During the activities, museum workers from curators to middle-level cadres will interact with audiences in various ways, including lectures and presentations.

The museum will launch activities such as a presentation of the top scholar’s incense at Confucian Temple and the grand opening of the memorial library. The presentation will be held on February 4 when all visitors can obtain the top scholar’s incense. There will also be a lecture about manners for worshiping Confucius.

The grand opening of the memorial library will take place on February 6 and is the grand finale of the event. The opening will be a visual feast for the public. Professional researchers will also provide guidance and explanations.

Gifts for the activity include incense, an album of paintings and a lucky bag. An interactive sweepstakes will be broadcast live for the occasion on the museum’s weibo.

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