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Luxury mooncake sales drop this year

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Updated: 2013-09-06

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Mid-Autumn Festival is coming this month. Luxury mooncakes and vouchers flooded the market in previous years, leading to a lot of waste. This year, most companies in Zhangjiagang of Jiangsu province are focusing on simple mooncakes with better quality and simpler packaging.

In a large supermarket in the city, various mooncakes have been placed at prominent positions. A mooncake package is priced at 30 yuan to 200 yuan, lower than the 1,000–yuan prices in previous years.

A manager of the supermarket said the festival is a good chance. Many people prefer mooncakes with exquisite packaging and expensive gifts as presents to friends, business partners or bosses. These kinds of mooncakes are often expensive. This year, the government discouraged such spending, so luxury mooncakes are no longer popular.

It’s the same in other supermarkets. This year eco-friendly packed mooncakes are popular.

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