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Online food markets popular in Nanfeng

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Updated: 2013-09-05

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With only a few clicks, fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs can be ordered online. Online food markets have become popular in Nanfeng town of Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province.

Zhang Jie, an official at Nanfeng town, received her produce, which she ordered from a website in the morning, when she arrived at work. She said her and her husband both have to work late so it is difficult for them to find time to go shopping.

“I buy vegetables online. In the morning I can get what I ordered the previous night. All are fresh, and the price is the same as the real food market,” she said.

She has decided to order vegetables online to save time.

The website, called Yonglian Vegetable Basket, provides food in seven categories, such as meat and fruit. A total of 40 varieties of vegetables, 10 kinds of bean products, seven kinds of fungi and 21 kinds of fruit are sold here.

Residents in Nanfeng town have to register and type their information, such as telephone number and address, when they log on the website for the first time. Then they just need to choose what they want and confirm the selection. Both online payment and cash are welcome. For those without a computer, telephone orders are also available.

The prices of vegetables and fruit are the same as those sold in food markets. The products are picked at 5 am and sent to customers in the morning to guarantee freshness.

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