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Officials give advice to soybean importers facing shortages

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Updated: 2013-08-15

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A total of 1,619 tons of imported soybeans from 21 batches were seized from January to July this year in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, according to statistics from the Zhangjiagang entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau. A sum of $973,000 was paid for the shortage claims.

The port of Zhangjiagang is a major port in China for importing soybeans. Shortages happen from time to time as the value of soybeans rises.

Officials from the bureau said the credibility of foreign providers, the lack of experience from foreign testing organizations, and waste during the process of loading and unloading were the three main reasons for shortages.

Officials suggest that enterprises importing soybeans should choose credible business partners, sign detailed and strict contracts, guarantee the amount of soybeans when shipped, appoint a qualified organization to inspect soybeans, rent high-quality ships, and keep an eye on every step in the transportation process.

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