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Yao Linrong stresses the importance of a long-term and scientific plan

Updated: 2013-07-03

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The mayor of Zhangjiagang , Yao Linrong, who is also the new chief of the city’s Party Committee, led a research group during a visit to large-scale municipal infrastructure projects including Zhangjiagang Port Diverting Expressway, Sangan Henan Extension Project,Tung Chau Chassi Waterways and the Shengtai Dock Project.

Construction of the Zhangjiagang Port Diverting Expressway began in 2011 and is expected to be completed in 2016. Fiftypercent of the roadbed earthwork and forty percent of the construction of the bridge substructure will – according to the plan - be finished this year. The authorities hope the expressway will improve the operation of Zhangjiagang’s key ports, strengthen city-port integration and promote the economic and social development of the areas along the highway.

The Sangan Henan Extension Project is approximately 16.15 kilometers long, with a total investment of 1.008 billion yuan ($164.008656 million). [NOTE: we can keep the deleted sentence if it is clarified. Please discuss with me, if you wish] Construction on this project started last year, and it is expected to be completed in March 2014.

The Shengtai Dock is designed to handle cargo throughput of 8.8 million tons, and it is expected to achieve revenue of 300 million yuan with a total profit of around 35 million yuan. The project will increase the port capacity and offer high-quality logistics services.

During his visit on June 17, Yao said that the construction of major infrastructure plays a vital role in enhancing city functions, promoting economic development and improving people’s livelihood. He stressed the importance of a long-term and scientific plan in major infrastructure construction, and called for adequate monitoring of quality and safety standards during the construction process.


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