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Dai Weidong: model worker from an ordinary position

Updated: 2013-01-21

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All the staff in Zhangjiagang Construction Machinery knows Dai Weidong, an active, dedicated and passionate worker.

He has won awards as Pacesetter of High-Quality, Workman Skilled in Soldering, Advanced Model and National Excellent Rural Worker. He was granted the National "May 1" Labor Medal this year.

Dai came to Zhangjiagang when he was 24 years old in 1994. After a few years of hard work, he became a skillful monitor at the workshop.

The biggest accomplishment in his past 18 years in the company is that he has cultivated many apprentice groups. He will teach them without reservation, and he is happy to see them do better than him.

His apprentice Wang Lei said, “Master Dai is an earnest, diligent and pragmatic person who is like a big brother to us.”

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