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Xuyi enjoys abundant culture
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Updated: 2011-06-02

Xuyi enjoys a long history and splendid culture. It is one of the places in Jiangsu province that saw the earliest human activities in China.

In 1954, the Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered human fossil of the late Pleistocene Epoch, Paleolithic Age on the eastern bank of the Yin River at Xiacaowan, Baoji town. This discovery pushed the human history in Jiangsu back to 40,000-50,000 years ago. Xuyi is one of the counties with many important archaeological sites in Jiangsu province.

More than 60 ancient cultural sites have been found in the county. Fanjiagang, about 5km south of Weiqiao township, is a site containing relics from the Neolithic Age. In addition, there are also the historic sites of Zuandun, Liulangdun, Longdunkou, Sundun, Liugang, King Xiangyu city, ancient Chenggang, Dongyang city and ancient Sizhou city (Huaihe town). Xuyi is a place with rich underground cultural relics in northern Jiangsu.

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