• China Wu Culture Expo Park

    China Wu Culture Expo Park is located in the southeast of Wuxi and separated with Suzhou by the Wangyu River in the east and south.

  • Wuxi-Singapore Industrial Park

    The Wuxi-Singapore Industrial Park was jointly developed by the Wuxi government and Singapore-listed Sembcorp Industries Group.

  • Wuxi Airport Industrial Park

    Situated in Wuxi New District, Wuxi Airport Industrial Park is separated with Wuzhong district of Suzhou by the Wangyu River in the southeast.

  • Si.Park

    Si.Park is the first country-level high-tech business incubation center and the first country-level innovation park for returnees in Wuxi.

  • Wuxi (Taihu) International Science Park

    Covering an area of 23 square kilometers, Wuxi (Taihu) International Science Park reaches Gaolang Road in the north, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the east, Huayi Road in the west and Waitai Lake in the south.


The former Wuxi New District, now known as Wuxi Xinwu district or Wuxi National Hi-tech district, was founded in 1992 and underwent administrative changes in 1995, 2002 and 2005.