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    2019 Wuxi Marathon sets new national record



A total of 33,000 runners started off the 2019 Beverly Wuxi Marathon on March 24 beneath a blazing sun and a shower of pink flower petals.

The event, now in its sixth year, amazed the world with a new national record as 740 out of the 20, 000 full marathon participants finished within three hours. Meanwhile, 7,086 runners achieved their personal bests!

Wuxi Marathon's professional organized services, beautiful routes along many scenic spots and landmarks have been live broadcast on CCTV5+ and reached audience across the world. Thanks to the sweat of all those who took part, the outstanding success of the event made it a name-card of Wuxi.

The fastest Wuxi Marathon ever

  • Ethiopian runner finishes full marathon in 02:10:21

    Negawo Asnake Dubre from Ethiopia took the title for the men's full marathon with a record-breaking time of 02:10:21.

  • Chinese runner finishes half marathon in  01:05:05

    Jia'e Renjia (57632) from Qinghai province claimed the championship for the men's half marathon with a personal best of 01:05:05.

  • 740 runners finish within 3 hours

    740 runners out of the 20,000 full marathon participants finished within three hours, beating the previous national record of 720 held by the 2018 Shanghai Marathon.

Runners give thumbs up to Wuxi

Running through the eyes of an Wuxi Marathoner


Thanks to all those who supported the Wuxi Marathon