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2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon

Updated : 2017-11-24


2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon

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2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon

Though it was Wuxi's coldest day of the winter so far with temperatures at just 2.4 C, the passion of the runners warmed the chilly air.

More than 10,000 runners from over 35 countries took part in the 2017 Beverly Around Lihu Lake International Half Marathon in Wuxi on Nov 19.

More than 1,300 volunteers started attentively serving runners on the road, handing out supplies and cheering them on.

What they say
It's a marathon; It's just about running.
2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon
2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon

2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon

2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon
2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon
2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon

It's a marathon; It's not just about running.

2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon

It brings you closer as a couple.

"Running this half marathon was something that we really wanted to do together. We really enjoyed training together and encouraging one another along the way", said Stephanie Six from the US.

Encouraged by their Chinese friends, Stephanie and her husband Benoit Fichepain started their first marathon on Nov 19 and they enjoyed it.

Talking about their first marathon race, Benoit said proudly: "I am done. It's very pretty around the Lihu Lake. We've prepared for four months. It is very well organized. And we will come back".

2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon

2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon


It's a challenge.

"I am 59 years old, I took the challenge and completed my first half marathon today, it's good. The event is very well organized, very efficient. I will continue to run half marathons and try to see what will happen when I run a longer marathon," said Craig Whitaker from Texas, USA, who started to run under the influence of his friend Don Kenny.


It's how you fall in love with a city.

It's the first marathon for Huang Chenkuang, a girl from Jiangxi province, and she couldn't help but fall in love with Wuxi at the event:

"I was a little afraid that I would be left behind in my first half marathon, but the supplies are at your hand every 2km, the cheers supported me along the route, with the beautiful landscape refreshing my eyes. Every detail touches my heart and I've fallen in love with the city. The moment of seeing my friend waiting for me at the finish line makes me happy and grateful. I am very glad that I chose to run this year and will keep it up in the future."

2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon
2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon

It's a time to get together.

Most of the runners got to know each other on WeChat, and the marathon is a time for runners to get together, according to Diana Hsu-Hopkins from Wuxi City Guide, who has been organizing expats in Wuxi and neighboring cities to run in Wuxi since 2015.

"We don't really get together to practice because we live in different areas and have different schedules, but we share our running experiences together. It's very motivating when we ran together. We're a very supportive group," said Diana. When she saw a lot of girls cheering on the runners on the street, she got the thought that "it's really nice that they cheer for us. I want these girls to join us to run. It would be more fun if you actually ran!"


It offers a chance to catch up with old friends.

British runner Richard Whiddington, who ranked sixth in the marathon, had many words to say as he used to live and work in Wuxi for a year and just left to live in Beijing in August:

"I've run Wuxi marathon events three times now and am fortunate to say that I have enjoyed each experience. Every race comes with its own challenges, be they physical, mental, or factors beyond our control such as weather. Having lived and worked in Wuxi for a year, the city is special to me as a place that I have made life-long friends and created strong memories. I hope to return to Wuxi for many years to come not only because the race is well organized and takes place in wonderful surroundings but also because it gives me a chance to catch up with old friends."

2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon

2017 Lihu Lake Half Marathon







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